Weekly Write Up WK 4

Weekly Write Up WK 4 - Throughout the interwar years, the...

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Throughout the interwar years, the United States saw European and Asian military aggression increase overseas. This is especially true of the tension that surmounted from naval fleets in Asia and in Europe. Knowledge of the internal conflicts in Asia presented increasing concern for U.S. commercial interest and security. Hostilities that escalated between the United States and Japan were a result of ongoing threats of Japanese imperialism in China. The U.S. did not support Japanese incentives to gain control over China. This fear ran parallel to the Tripartite Pact that was negotiated between Italy, Germany, and Japan. A series of military victories and Imperial expansion in China, Japan soon proclaimed the establishment of a new order in Asia. A result of these actions soon fueled debate amongst American policymakers and diplomats on how to best contain the military aggression in China, as well as the other forms of aggression that was intricately connected to other economic, political, and military threats that were developing in Europe. When Germany invaded Poland in 1939, French and British support of Poland added to other war developments that slowly trickled in. These early phases of the second world-war showed how the gradual immersion of the United States into this conflict also presented an opportunity of economic interest for the United States. The United States seemed to have a natural niche in its concerns of preserving democracy and promoting peace and prosperity. In
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Weekly Write Up WK 4 - Throughout the interwar years, the...

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