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all 1 e 0 within the material of a conductor within

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Unformatted text preview: MEWORK 3 !!! ALL 1. E = 0 within the material of a conductor within Charges move inside a conductor in order to cancel out the fields that would be there in the absence of the conductor. This principle determines the induced charge densities on the surfaces of conductors. 2. Gauss’ Law: If charge distributions have sufficient symmetry (spherical, cylindrical, planar), then Gauss’ law can be used to determine the electric field everywhere. ∫ E idA = Q enclosed ε 0 ∆U a →b ≡ = − ∫ E ⋅ dl q a b 3. Definition of Potential: ∆Va →b CONCEPTS DETERMINE THE CALCULATION !!! 05 Physics 212 Lecture 7, Slide 4 Physics LOGISTICS 1) EXAM 1: WED SEP 21 at 7pm Sign Up in Gradebook for Conflict Exam at 5:15pm if desired MATERIAL: Lectures 1 - 8 MATERIAL: 2) EXAM 1 PREPARATION TOOL 2) We have created an online exam prep tool based on old hour We exam questions. Should be available today or tomorrow. exam 3) i>clicker scores in gradebook About 30% of the students have zeros for Lectures 2 – 6. About The attendance is generally...
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