before writing me about your zeroes follow carefully

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Unformatted text preview: over 90% The problem is REGISTRATION !! Before writing me about your zeroes, FOLLOW CAREFULLY Before the INSTRUCTIONS on our HOMEPAGE for registering the for your iclicker (netid NOT uin). your Once registered, all previous lecture scores will appear Once Physics 212 Lecture 7, Slide 5 Physics Conductors You did well on the questions on charge distributions on conductors The Main Points • • • • 5 Charges free to move E = 0 in a conductor Surface = Equipotential E at surface perpendicular to surface Physics 212 Lecture 7, Slide 6 Physics Preflight 2 80 60 40 “The potential is the same as from a point The charge at the center of A or B. So, following V=kQ/r, A would have a smaller potential “ V=kQ/r, 20 0 6 Physics 212 Lecture 7, Slide 7 Physics Preflight 4 100 80 “The potentials will become equal since the The 60 charges will want to go to places of lower potential, until it balances out. “ potential, 40 20 0 7 Physics 212 Lecture 7, Slide 8 Physics Preflight 6 70 60 50 40 30 “Since B initially has a high...
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