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Unformatted text preview: Physics 212 Lecture 7 Today's Concept: Conductors and Capacitance Physics 212 Lecture 7, Slide 1 Physics Music Who is the Artist? A) B) C) D) E) Miles Davis Wynton Marsalis Chris Botti Nina Simone Chet Baker Why? I played this last night working on the lecture DVD Must-See: Twilight of his career/life Van Morrison does “Send in the Clowns” Van Physics 212 Lecture 7, Slide 2 Physics Your Comments “Just an overall explanation of capacitance would be nice. I'm also still confused on so how to calculate the potential caused by infinite sheets of charge, since potential how ge, involves distance, but infinite sheets of charge do not. “ “capicators because we have never seen them before. Can you do some me homework problems or post more examples on the website? I need more homework ore practice =]” practice “Different geometries other than parallel plated capacitors” We will do all of these in We this lecture, including a calculation of a cylindrical capacitor cylindrical 50 40 30 MORE WORKED EXAMPLES HAVE BEEN POSTED ON THE WEBSITE 05 20 10 0 Confused Confident Physics 212 Lecture 7, Slide 3 Physics Our Comments WE BELIEVE THERE ARE ONLY THREE THINGS YOU WE NEED TO KNOW TO DO ALL OF HO...
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