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Unformatted text preview: er potential, Since charges move from B to A. “ charges 20 10 0 8 Physics 212 Lecture 7, Slide 9 Physics Parallel Plate Capacitor THE CAPACITOR QUESTIONS WERE TOUGH! THE PLAN: We’ll work through the example in ll the prelecture and then do the preflight questions. preflight Physics 212 Lecture 7, Slide 10 Physics Capacitance Capacitance is defined for any pair of spatially separated conductors Q C≡ V How do we understand this definition ??? • Consider two conductors, one with excess charge = +Q Consider and the other with excess charge = -Q +Q d E V -Q • These charges create an electric field in the space between them • We can integrate the electric field between them to find the We potential difference between the conductor potential • This potential difference should be proportional to Q !! • The ratio of Q to the potential difference is the capacitance and The only depends on the geometry of the conductors only 9 Physics 212 Lecture 7, Slide 11 Physics Example (done in Prelecture 7) Example First determine E field produced by...
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