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Unformatted text preview: Physics 212 Lecture 10 Today's Concept: Kirchhoff’s Rules Circuits with resistors & batteries Physics 212 Lecture 10, Slide 1 Music Who is the Artist? A) B) C) D) E) Bireli Lagrene Sonny Landreth Mark O’Connor’s Hot Swing Trio Django Reinhardt Wes Montgomery The King of Gypsy Guitar Quintette du Hot Club de France with Stephane Grappelli du Stephane Also check out Bireli Lagrene…. Also Bireli Why?? DON’T FORGET HOT CLUB OF COWTOWN SAT NIGHT DOWNTOWN URBANA http://www.folkandroots.org/site/ (THU – SAT) (THU Physics 212 Lecture 10, Slide 2 Key Concepts: 1) Understanding Kirchoff’s Rules Understanding Kirchoff 2) Using Kirchoff’s Rules Using Kirchoff Today’s Plan: • Summary of Kirchoff’s rules Summary Kirchoff • Example problem • Review Preflights Review Preflights Physics 212 Lecture 10, Slide 3 Last Time Resistors in series: Current through is same. Voltage drop across is IRi Reffective = R1 + R 2 + R3 + ... Resistors in parallel: Voltage drop across is same. 1 Current through is V/Ri Reffective 1 1 1 =+ + + ... R1 R2 R3 Solved Circuits R2 R1 V = R3 V I1234 R1234 R4 Physics 212 Lecture 10, Slide 4 5 New Circuit R1 R3 V1 V2 R2 How Can We Solve This One? R1 R3 V1 V2 R2 = V I1234 R12 THE ANSWER: Kirchhoff’s Rules Physics 212 Lecture 10, Slide 5 5 Kirchoff’s Voltage Rule ∑ ∆V i =0 Kirchoff's Voltage Rule states that the sum of the voltage changes caused by any elements (like wires, batteries, and resistors) around a circuit mus...
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