22 physics 212 lecture 14 slide 11 physics preflight

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Unformatted text preview: into screen r Net Force is Zero! :22 Physics 212 Lecture 14, Slide 11 Physics Preflight 9 40 30 BB 20 10 0 What is the direction of the torque on wire 2 due to wire 1? A) Up B) Down C) Into Screen D) Out of screen E) Zero B i i B :24 F out of screen F into screen Physics 212 Lecture 14, Slide 12 Physics Preflight 6 BB Ftop + Fbottom =0 B2 B1 X X F1 B ~ 1/R F2 B1 X F1 B1 > B2 Fnet 35 30 25 20 15 :24 A B C D E 10 5 0 Physics 212 Lecture 14, Slide 13 Physics B on axis from Current Loop I Resulting B field Current in Wire :24 Physics 212 Lecture 14, Slide 14 Physics What about Off-Axis ?? Biot-Savart Works, but need to do numerically See Simulation !! :24 Physics 212 Lecture 14, Slide 15 Physics Two Current Loops Two identical loops are hung next to each other. Two Current flows in the same direction in both. BB The loops will: The A) Attract each other B) Repel each other Two ways to see this: 1) Like currents attract 2) Look like bar magnets 2) Look N :30 S N S Physics 212 Lecture 14, Slide 16 Physics Right Hand Rule Review 1. ANY CROSS PRODU...
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