Say see slide 17 torque is always rxf we will discuss

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Unformatted text preview: for say they dont watch the prelecture?” say See Slide 17 Torque is always rXF We will discuss torque for wires We will show some results for this today 40 30 3–4% 20 “what does ACT stand for in lectures 10 ACTive learning segment ? 0 05 Confused Confident Physics 212 Lecture 14, Slide 3 Physics What is it? What Biot-Savart Law: Fundamental law for determining the direction and magnitude of the magnetic field due to an element of current due r r µ0 I ds × r ˆ dB = 4π r 2 We can use this law to calculate the magnetic field produced by ANY current distribution We ANY BUT Easy analytic calculations are possible only for a few distributions: Easy few Axis of Current Loop Infinite Straight Wire Plan for Today: Mainly use the results of these calculations!! GOOD NEWS: Remember Gauss’ Law? Allowed us to calculate E for Allowed symmetrical charge distributions symmetrical :05 NEXT TIME: Introduce Ampere’s Law Allows us to calculate B for Allows symmetrical current distributions symmetrical Physics 212 Lecture 14, Slide 4 Physics B from infiniter line of current r Integrating dB = µ0 I ds × r ˆ gives result 2 4π r Magnitude: µ0 I B= 2π r µ 0 = 4 π × 10 − 7 Tm / A B Current I OUT r • r = distance from wire Direction: Thumb: Fingers: on I curl in direction of B I Current in Wire :07 Resulting B field Physics 212 Lecture...
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