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Biotechnology Vocabulary: 1. DNA: deoxyribonucleic Acid: a self replicating material present in nearly all living organisms as the main constituent chromosomes 2. Gene: the basic unit of heredity 3. Chromosome: any of threadlike bodies consisting of chromatin that carry the genes in a linear order 4. Physical trait: inherited traits such as; eye color, hair color, and shape of your nose 5. Diploid: an organism or cell having double the basic haploid number of chromosomes 6. Haploid: an organism or cell having only one complete set of chromosomes 7. Grow phase: 8. Interphase: the resting phase, consists of 3 stages 9. Prophase: the first stage, chromosomes become paired chromatids 10. Metaphase: the second stage, chromosomes become attached to the spindle fibers 11. Anaphase: the stage of meiotic cell division, chromosomes move far away from one another to opposite poles of the spindle 12. Telophase: the final phase, the chromotids move to opposite ends of the cell and two nuclei are formed
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