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Tyraina Paulino November 1, 2011 AP Language Arts Period 5 The Count of Monte Cristo By: Alexandre Dumas Point of view: Third person, omnition. Protagonist: Edmond Dantes Antagonist: Danglars Plot: Edmond Dantes has a great life going for him. But in the midst of his “perfect” life, he is severely envied by the Danglars, a group of people he calls “friends”. Central Conflict: Edmond struggles to act upon his human nature. He desires to punish those who made him become incarnated, in which he became the Count of Monte Cristo.
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Unformatted text preview: Central Theme: Revenge and lack of human justice. Reaction: I would recommend this book, but only to people who can actually keep up with a fast-pacing story. I enjoyed the theme, but did not enjoy the way it was written. I also liked the romance aspect of it, it was portrayed in a way that made it not as cliché as the typical love story. The characters had different personalities which kept me intrigued....
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