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descriptive narrative - Natalie Bejado 7th Period AP...

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Natalie Bejado September 26, 2011 7 th Period, AP English Composition Ms. Castro Descriptive Narrative Great Expectations I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who wishes summer would last forever. Why on earth would someone go back to school voluntarily? Nothing beats sleeping in on weekdays, uninterrupted relaxation, and no expectations. If it as up to me, I’d be lying in bed for eternity with nothing but a good book. I smother my head in my pillow, trying to savor the last few seconds of the season. A hard knock on my door shatters the silence, my father yelling through the door for me to wake up. A groan escapes my mouth. Here we go again . With the depressing thought that my vacation has finally ended still fresh in my mind, I stumble into the bathroom to get ready for the first day of school. Junior year . Great. Unlike many of my classmates, I feel no excitement whatsoever, just the familiar first day of school jitters. As I get ready, I pray that this year will go by fast. I’m not so sure I can deal with yet another year of constant school work, challenging teachers, and girls who can’t get over themselves. Not to mention my parents’ ridiculous expectations of me. I look in the mirror and instead of my reflection, I see the possibilities of the year. The negative outcomes blur the positive outcomes like a rain cloud. I struggle to be optimistic, but I’m still drowsy, not yet used to waking up at the crack of dawn. I zone out for a while and let memories take me back, into the depths of my childhood. It’s pretty remarkable how well I can remember the first time I walked the halls of Santa Barbara Catholic School, hand in hand with my parents. I stare up at my surroundings, timid as a mouse. We reach room K-B, where the five-year-old me looks around in confusion. Unfamiliar faces stare back at me, their expressions mirroring mine. Why am I here? Who are these people? I keep these words to myself, shy and quiet even at the age of five. My mother releases my hand
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as I take my seat beside two other girls. “I’ll see you after school, okay?” she says, a sympathetic smile gracing her features. “Okay…” my voice quivers, tears uncontrollably trailing down my
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descriptive narrative - Natalie Bejado 7th Period AP...

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