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Driving Age 16? Why is the driving age 16? This question has been asked by numerous teens around the nation. The answer they gave them: “Immaturity and lack of driving experience.” This is true and FALSE. Each year 400,000 car accidents are caused by teenagers. These car accidents are caused from ages 15-30. But only 6% of those accidents are caused by 15 year olds. First of all, there are countless reasons as to why the driving age is 16 but to every negative comes a positive. So one negative barrier these state legislatures put in front of teens is
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Unformatted text preview: that we are immature. Of course this is probably true in their adult eyes but in ours it’s harmless excitement of finally getting to drive. Also, if a teen gets into an accident, it will teach them responsibility and show them how reckless driving and DUI’s can drastically affect their life. Instead of legislatures focusing on rising the driving age, they should have more focus on rewarding good drivers and picking out the bad ones. Next, I would like to concentrate your attention to yet another barrier: lack of driving experience....
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