My 3 Countries - that interested me was that their funerary...

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Gabriel Paulino 09/17/11 Honors World Hist. Period 2 Italy I   would   like   to   research   Italy’s   past   because   the   complex   Etruscan   history  interests me and my roots draw back to Italy. The Etruscan history is especially eye- catching because no matter how far you go down their past, it won’t make sense when  you look at the current people that practice their culture. I think that how they mainly  relied on iron and ore is fascinating because they used it to commence an urban  environment. Etruscan culture is one of a kind because their practices and beliefs are  far away from the other ancient civilizations in Italy. One part of the Etruscan’s culture 
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Unformatted text preview: that interested me was that their funerary beliefs were based on cremation and displaying their dead in fancy urns, much like the Greek did. France I chose France for my 2 nd choice because I liked both Italy and France but I had to make a decision between the two and Italy got the best of me. One reason why I picked France was that I wanted to learn more about the Frankish empire and how it came to an end, even with having one of the most fearful militaries in the world at that time. I also want to learn about the Frankish military tactics and mainly their famous leader, Vojnomir. Russia...
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My 3 Countries - that interested me was that their funerary...

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