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Tyraina Paulin1 - was originally supposed to be held at a...

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Tyraina Paulino September 20, 2011 6-U.S. History Article Title: Town democrat files lawsuit over bar mitzvah at Town Hall Citation: Vigdor, Neil. (2011, September 20) Town democrat files lawsuit over bar mitzvah at Town Hall. The Corner Report . Retrieved from http://www.thecornerreport.com/index.php? p=7737&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1 Summary: A perennial candidate is suing the town of Greenwich, Connecticut, for the purpose of bar mitzvah celebration. He states that it has conflicted the constitutional barrier with combining the church with state. He feels this was wrong, because of the location that the celebration was held. There were also objections to the placing of “The Star of David” in the Town Hall as well. The Jewish members of the town defended their case, They stated that the celebration
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Unformatted text preview: was originally supposed to be held at a different location, but because they could not set a date, they had to move to the Town Hall. The defendant also defended his case by saying that they also did not practice regular Jewish blessings. Personal Comments: The Jewish families in this case, were in no way wrong. They simply had a celebration in the town hall. They did not practice their religion by saying prayers of any sort. It is immoral for any democrat, or any person to call out this family for wanting to celebrate an occasion. The state of Connecticut should not address this case. The family had no intention to dishonor the constitution in any way, They were just trying to have a family celebration. The democrat who is suing should look at it in another point of view....
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