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Tyraina Paulin3 - the women’s suffrage movement Her...

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Tyraina Paulino November 1, 2011 U.S. History Period 6 Women’s Suffrage Obituary: Rochester— Susan Brownell Anthony, a women that dedicated her life to women’s suffrage died the 13 th of March 1906. Born in Adams, Massachusetts, on February 15 th 1820, Susan Brownell Anthony had the privilege of doing something not many women had a chance to do. She was educated. Miss Anthony was first homeschooled, and then later, sent away to boarding school in Philadelphia. As she continued her schooling, at 15 years old, she was called upon to teach as well. When she turned 17 Miss Anthony received pay, a dollar a week to teach to a private family. She was persistent in her teaching until 1852, when she gave up teaching because she was intrigued with
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Unformatted text preview: the women’s suffrage movement. Her family was very active in reform movements. Miss Anthony had a strong character as well as strong accomplishments. She had founded the National Woman’s Suffrage Association, published “The Revolution” which was a weekly paper, wrote the Susan B. Anthony Amendment which later became the 19 th Amendment, travelled the United States giving over 75 speeches a year and so much more. This woman had true dedication. Burial will be at Mount Hope Cemetery, Rochester. Monroe Country, New York. Abolitionist Obituary: Washington—Frederick Douglass passed away at about 7:00 P.M....
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