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Tyraina Paulino

Tyraina Paulino - Many volunteered their time to help out...

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Tyraina Paulino September 5, 2011 U.S. History Period 6 Flooding Persists As East Coast Reels From Hurricane Irene Associated Press. (2011, August 31). Flodding persists as east coast reels from hurricane Irene. First Coast News . Retrieved from http://www.firstcoastnews.com/news/usworld/article/216939/6/Flooding-Persists-as-East- Coast-Reels-from-Irene Summary: In North Carolina through New England the horrible event of Hurricane Irene has about 2 million people in water-logged homes, powerless. There have been about 44 deaths in a total of 13 states. The floodwaters continued to flow into some states, making it very difficult to recover from the disaster. Evacuations had to take place, due to the unsafe area for many citizens. People were soon moved into emergency shelters. There were also a numerous amount of crops losses, due to this many farmers made damage claims on their farms.
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Unformatted text preview: Many volunteered their time to help out the cause. The approximate damage expenses come out to about $7 billion. Personal Comments: Obviously, this is an unfortunate event for the people who have suffered due to this natural disaster. Although, there were a number of deaths, I think we should be thankful. Considering the circumstances, the rescue team and everyone included did an excellent job in doing the best that they could in getting everyone out safely. All they can do now is strive to recover. Everyone that can give up a few hours of their time should volunteer. I believe that they can only recover from this catastrophe is by having as much support as they can get. This will continue to take a great toll on the country, so people need to also keep in mind that this mess cannot be fixed over night....
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