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3V00290A Avaya Avaya Contact Center Select ACCS Avaya Professional Design Specialist AP
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QUESTION: 67 You are proposing video conferencing for a customer based in the United States. They want to have 3 small meeting rooms in their offices located in San Francisco, Dallas, and Chicago, and five percent of their 1000 employees video-enabled. They plan to have no more than 3 simultaneous conferences with 6 to 8 maximum participants. The customer does not need encryption, but wants high profile and SVC (scalable video coding). Your initial design used a Scopia. Elite 6110 MCU, Desktop Server and clients, and XT4200s for each meeting room. The Account Manager wants to know if there is a way to reduce the design cost and simplify the solution. Which alternative solution would meet the customer's requirements? A. Three XTSOOOs with MCU9 B. Three XT4200S with SMB9 C. Three XT4200s with MCU9 D. Three XT1200S with SMB9 E. Three XT1200s with MCU9 F. Three XT5000S with SMB9 Answer: D QUESTION: 68 HOTSPOT Customers have varying degrees of experience and success with videoconferencing. When proposing video endpoints, selecting the endpoint that will address the issue they've witnessed or potential issues they have heard or read about is essential. The XT5000 addresses many of the common customer issues. Match the customer issue with the Scopia.XT5000 feature, from the dropdown list, which addresses or resolves the issue. {Use each feature only once)
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Answer: Exhibit
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