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6.16 A compound steel [ G = 80 GPa] shaft (Fig. P6.16) consists of a solid 55-mm- diameter segment (1) and a solid 40-mm- diameter segment (2). The allowable shear stress of the steel is 70 MPa, and the maximum rotation angle at the free end of the compound shaft must be limited to φ C 3°. Determine the magnitude of the largest torque T C that may be applied at C . Fig. P6.16 Solution Section properties : 44 1 (55 mm) 898,360.5 mm 32 J π == 2 (40 mm) 251,327.4 mm 32 J Consider shear stress: The larger shear stress will occur in the smaller diameter segment; that is, segment (2). 24 max (70 N/mm )(251,327.4 mm ) 879,646 N-mm 40 mm/2 J T c τ ≤= = Consider angle of twist:
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