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6.61 The motor shown in Fig. P6.61 supplies 10 hp at 1,500 rpm at A . The bearings shown permit free rotation of the shafts. (a) Shaft (1) is a solid 0.875-in.-diameter steel shaft. Determine the maximum shear stress produced in shaft (1). (b) If the shear stress in shaft (2) must be limited to 6,000 psi, determine the minimum acceptable diameter for shaft (2) if a solid shaft is used. Fig. P6.61 Solution Power transmission: The torque acting in shaft (1) and on gear B is: () 1 550 lb-ft/s 10 hp 1 hp 35.014 lb-ft 1,500 rev 2 rad 1 min min 1 rev 60 s B P TT π ω ⎛⎞ ⎜⎟ ⎝⎠ === = Section properties: The polar moment of inertia for shaft (1) is: 44 4 11 (0.875 in.) 0.057548 in. 32 32 Jd ππ == = (a) Maximum shear stress in shaft (1):
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