20 FSA cF11 - ANALYSIS PROJECT individual BUS 20 Fall 2011...

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ANALYSIS PROJECT - individual BUS 20 – Fall 2011 The financial statement analysis project for BUS 20 aims to increase a student’s ability to access and analyze accounting information. A student should become a better user of accounting information. The principal tasks are (1) download financial statements from either a library database or an internet source, (2) download business ratios and norms, and (3) analyze financial ratios for credit and investment decisions. NOTE TO STUDENTS: The databases you need to complete this assignment allow a limited number of simultaneous users. If you wait until the last week before the assignment is due, you may not be able to access to these databases at the time you wish . One can access these databases in the UCR Libraries, in the campus computer labs, or from any UCR web address including the dorms. If one lives off-campus, one can get use these databases from home if you set up remote access (contact the Rivera Library Reference Desk for information on how to set up remote access or click on “Connect from home” on the Library’s home page). Failure to follow setup instructions will leave you with a message that you need a special password to logon; no password is available. You must enter via the Library’s home page. 1. Select an INDUSTRY, not a firm. This project is easier if one does NOT start with a particular company. One must have data both on the firm and its industry. Four industries are not allowed : banking, real estate, insurance and investing . See item 2 for instructions on gathering firm data. Do not start with the name of a popular business; its sales must be less than $1 billion, and most popular names exceed the sales limit. To select an industry and get that industry’s ratios, use the library database Key Business Ratios . From the UCR Libraries home page ( http://library.ucr.edu ), login to WebVPN, click on , then “A-Z List” , then scroll down and click on . When you enter the database, pull down the menu that is labeled “Line of Business” . On this pull-down menu are all of the industries for which ratios are available in this database. To select an industry and view its ratios for the last 3 fiscal years, click on the industry name. The 4-digit SIC code will appear in the box labeled “SIC”. Print this screen, which will include the 4-digit SIC code for the industry. Industry ratios will be inserted on page 2 of your report. The SIC page will be attached to the report. 2.
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20 FSA cF11 - ANALYSIS PROJECT individual BUS 20 Fall 2011...

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