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Ashary 1 Syed Burair Ashary Business 101 Dr.Rosemary Kim November 7, 2011 1.It has been said that you do not need database management software to create a database environment. Discuss. A traditional database environment in fact does not require a database manage- ment software. Traditional file management techniques make it difficult for organizations to keep track of all the pieces of data that they use in a systematic way. So it is possible to create a data environment without a database management software but it will be less effective because the data is not easily accessible. Traditional data environment creates problems such as data redundancy and inconsistency, program data depend- ance, inflexibility, poor security and lack of data sharing and availability. But by using a database management software all these problems are solved as it uses a software that permits centralization of data and data management so that businesses have a single consistent source, so it actually minimizes inconsistent and redundant files. 2. To what extent should end users be involved in the selection of a database manage-
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