Chapter 7 case study

Chapter 7 case study - Ashary 1 Syed Burair Ashary...

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Ashary 1 Syed Burair Ashary Dr.Rosemary Kim Business 101 October 14th, 2011 Case study: Google, Apple and Microsoft 1. Compare the business models and areas of strength of Apple, Google, and Microsoft. These three internet giants are all major players in the industry, each of them are very good at what they do and have some major strengths which each of the others can not provide. Apple is a major seller and trendsetter in the market, it makes its money by selling its products such as iphone, ipad and macs. While on the otherhand Microsoft makes more of its money by selling software as the case study mentions that 95% of all PC users use Microsoft for their operating systems, and a lot more use Microsoft pro- grams such as Office and etc. Google has a very large presence on the internet, being the biggest search engine it creates money by advertising because it has such a wide reach. 2. Why is mobile computing so important to these three firms? Evaluate the mobile plat- form offerings to each firm. Mobile computing is the next big thing in technology. Being the next big thing,
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Chapter 7 case study - Ashary 1 Syed Burair Ashary...

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