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Matthew Thompson Journal Entry # 1 Section # 4 For any college course, the first class session is typically geared towards defining its purpose and laying out a plan for the rest of the semester. A student should leave at the end of the period confident in the course objectives, and with the knowledge of how to succeed clear in their minds. Taking that into consideration, it was quite appropriate that the first class session of Engineering Management 244 not only covered the specific goals for the course, but also incorporated a discussion about goals in general. Immediately the importance of goal-setting was made apparent; a college age student has more pathways open to him than he has ever had or ever will again. Making decisions closes doors and removes options, thus as one ages their number of options decreases and the weight of their responsibilities increases. A purpose of having goals is so that later in life one may more easily mitigate their responsibilities and concurrently maintain desirable options. In relation to my personal life, a long term goal that I have is to one day walk in outer space and look down on Earth. While it sounds fabulous, this goal on its own is not feasible. In other words it, along with most long-term goals, relies on the successful achievement of related short-term and mid-term goals. As an analogy, one cannot attend Vanderbilt University (in most cases) without first completing kindergarten through 12 th grade. My first real encounter with major goal-setting was when I attended the National Youth Leadership Training camp in affiliation with the Boy Scouts of America. While there, I was taught a clever acronym that describes certain characteristics goals must have in order to be successful – S.M.A.R.T. goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. It was reassuring and came as little surprise when Professor Rowe used some of those very words to
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describe characteristics of great goals. While I mentioned in the preceding paragraph a long term
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Assignment 1 - Matthew Thompson Journal Entry 1 Section 4...

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