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Assignment 3 - Matthew Thompson Journal Entry # 3 Section #...

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Matthew Thompson Journal Entry # 3 Section # 4 The world economy is shifting due partly to an evolution in innovation. In this technological age, an innovative idea starts in one location of the world, and different iterations travel around the world and come back to the starting point. Advanced communications technology makes this possible, but another reason behind it is that many more countries are shifting their economy away from manufacturing and towards innovation. China, a huge economic success story and which is beginning to emerge as a first world society, is a prime example of this innovation phenomenon. Several studies have reported that the environment moderates the success of new product introduction and the effectiveness of different strategic choices or orientations associated with new product development [Zhou, 2006]. There is low competitive intensity in the environment China has entered, which is the extent to which companies face competition over the output market resources they need to live and grow. This is because trade is essential to innovation, and as China’s manufacturing capacity flows downhill to other countries their market increases. With increased outsourcing the world standard of living flattens, and the economy of the world shifts dramatically. It is said that the completion of the DISC assessment is the first step in understanding oneself. The results of this assessment reveal two sides of whoever takes it – an internal side and
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Assignment 3 - Matthew Thompson Journal Entry # 3 Section #...

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