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Matthew Thompson Journal Entry # 4 Section # 4 One theory of human developmental psychology is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The underlying principle is that everyone has needs, and of those needs some are more important than the others. Thus Maslow's hierarchy of needs is depicted as a pyramid shape, the large base of which represents the most fundamental, physiological needs, while the apex represents the need for self-actualization. The intermediate needs are those related to security, social interactions, and self-esteem. In the early 70’s Taibi Kahler developed an advanced model from this hierarchy of needs that he claimed reflects human motivation and the root of human behavior. Equating needs to common drivers, the idea was that everyone has a base, a personality that fits their needs. However, this base can change as people phase into a new way of being. The example given in class was how a person may change dramatically following the loss of a spouse. In my own life I have encountered a similar situation, although not quite as intense. One of my best friends in college has been dating a girl back home, long distance, for as long as I can remember – I believe the exact number is 3 and a half years. Going through college with a long-term long-distance girlfriend definitely reflected in his personality. As many of his needs were already met by said girlfriend, his actions when in public were of the subdued type. Just last week, his girlfriend broke up with him, and I observed a major change in his personality. Now, he actively looks to fulfill his needs – to be cared for, to care for others, just to name a few. Thus a person’s needs
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Assignment 4 - Matthew Thompson Journal Entry # 4 Section #...

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