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Assignment 6 - Matthew Thompson Journal Entry # 6 Section #...

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Matthew Thompson Journal Entry # 6 Section # 4 The Leadership Opinion Questionnaire (LOQ) is an assessment that gathers data on self- perception that leaders have about their behavior. As such, it is a predictive tool that applies to how behavior may or may not exemplify effective leadership. The LOQ provides measures of two important dimensions of leadership – Consideration and Structure. Consideration is defined by characteristics such as mutual trust, consideration of others’ feelings, respect for others’ ideas, and a certain warmth between the individual and the team. Structure reflects characteristics such as thorough planning, communicating information, criticizing, and so forth. According to the LOQ scale, the highest-performing leader has as score that is high in both structure and consideration. This type of leader is able to maintain a sympathetic job relationship with his team members while still professionally executing his role so that the team goal can be achieved. This is the score I received upon taking the LOQ, and I believe that it is quite indicative of my leadership style and capabilities. For example, in my senior year of high school I was made captain of the varsity soccer team, a position of authority that required a lot of both consideration and structure. On one hand, I had been close friends with all the guys on the soccer team since we all first played together freshman year, thus the consideration aspect almost took care of itself. One the other hand, I had a duty to help run the team, while acting as a liaison between them and the coach. It was my job to keep the boys in line, and I had answer to the coach if anything went wrong, which was definitely not something I wanted. To prevent this I enforced structure by effectively planning practices and drills, making sure the whole team showed up to practice, and overall acting like an authority figure. Thus, in order to succeed in the captain’s position, I had to work hard to balance consideration with structure.
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Situational leadership refers to one’s ability to adjust their leadership style to fit the current situation, and is imperative for effective leadership. The underlying principle of such an
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Assignment 6 - Matthew Thompson Journal Entry # 6 Section #...

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