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Assignment 11 - Matthew Thompson Journal Entry # 11 Section...

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Matthew Thompson Journal Entry # 11 Section # 4 David McClelland's needs-based motivational model is a comprehensive model of human needs. It describes three types of motivational need, which he identified as achievement motivation, power motivation, and affiliation motivation. All people have these needs, and where they fall in the model is determined by the ranking of which need is highest to which is lowest. It is interesting to note that this model is situational; the three needs are relative and they change over time. When our class took the work needs assessment, the vast majority of students (including myself) found that they scored highest in affiliation motivation. This makes sense because, seeing that they are in a university, they are constantly in a social situation. Both in class and outside of it, the students constantly interact with and rely on others. Currently my ranking from highest to lowest is affiliation, power, and achievement. I believe that if I were to have taken this in the past, say for example in high school, I would have seen very different results. I believe that my highest score would have been in achievement because that is what high school is all about. In that time of my life I was driven towards success; the main goal of most any high school student is to be accepted to a great college. After achievement, affiliation would have been next most important. High school is not as social as an environment as college is, but you are still surrounded by your peers every day, and many people hold popularity in the highest regard. In addition, I participated in many team sports and other group activities. Finally, Power would have been my lowest motivational need. In high school I did not have a strong need to be influential, have authority, or to make an impact. I was way more focused on my own personal success. Looking back on those days and contrasting with my current motivational needs, I am amazed at how much I have changed. I look forward to what the future will bring.
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Assignment 11 - Matthew Thompson Journal Entry # 11 Section...

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