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Assignment 12 - Matthew Thompson Journal Entry 12 Section 4...

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Matthew Thompson Journal Entry # 12 Section # 4 Corporate culture is defined by actions and behaviors allowed and rewarded in an organization. When you go into the workplace you will be “living” in the environment of that organization or corporation. You may like it, you may hate it, but you need methods to assess your place (your fit) in that culture. Although I have not yet entered the professional workforce, this is a scenario I have definitely encountered before. As far as culture is concerned, finding a desirable job is very similar to deciding what college to go to. When I was in high school and looking at potential universities to attend, the culture, stereotypes, and environment of the schools was one of my most important criteria. I believe that the decision I reached, to come to Vanderbilt, was a very good one. I am very confident that I indeed have a fitting place in the culture at this school. Thus when I do eventually enter the workforce, I plan on looking for a corporate culture similar to the culture at Vanderbilt. That way it will be an easy transition and success at that job will be well in reach. When analyzing a corporate culture, there are many things to observe. Generally speaking, my ideal corporate culture would be somewhere that has a reputation of creativity, openness, and innovativeness. A good indicator of these characteristics is the state and décor of the office. For example, I would be wise to stay away from a place that is super clean and tidy all the time, with no mess or distractions at all. One look at my dorm room would tell you why; my walls are completely plastered in posters and something catches your eye everywhere you look. Instead I should look for places that encourage personalization of individuals’ workspaces. Not
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Assignment 12 - Matthew Thompson Journal Entry 12 Section 4...

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