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Matthew Thompson Journal Entry # 2 Section # 4 An unending push towards a knowledge society drives the evolution of the educated person. Indeed, the definition of what it means to be an educated person is changing. It used to be that the high school diploma was the end-all, be-all of education – if one was able to graduate high school they could go on to do most anything. The equivalent in this day and age is obtaining a bachelor’s degree, although this too may change because of a necessity for even higher education. This trend can already be observed in the mechanical engineering field. According to an article on, “Bachelor’s degrees are considered the bare minimum while a Master’s Degree or Engineering Degree… open more doors and increase salaries.” One reason behind this change is that the world never stops learning. That is, the amount of knowledge required for one to be considered an educated person continuously increases. Another reason is that the number of educated people is also continuously increasing. Analogous to economic inflation, the value of one’s degree decreases as more and more people are able to earn said degree. Thus the question is asked, “should everyone go to college?” Without the uneducated, there is no scale to judge the educated person. One function of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) survey is for personal use. Finishing the MBTI supplies one with a specific personality type based around 4 preferences. Completing the MBTI can quite possibly be an eye-opening experience. It is a professional sounding medium which gives one freedom to consider ones fears and weaknesses, and can represent a quantum leap in one’s own personal understanding of their strengths and potential. This understanding helps one decide how to make the best use of their talents and thereby find work that is more satisfying. Specific jobs may be better suited for one personality type or
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another. An example of this correlation is the current President of the United States. In an article by Emily Yoffe on entitled “The Supervisor, the Champion, and the Promoter, it was determined that the personality type of Barack Obama is ENFP. Those of this personality type are “filled with conviction that they can easily motivate those around them” and work to "kindle,
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Matthew Thompson Assignment 2 - Matthew Thompson Journal...

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