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Page 1 of 25 Chemistry 305 Final Exam Review Nuss 1. Which of the following is a physical property of aspirin? a. Aspirin can moderate some heart disorders when ingested. b. Aspirin does not decompose when tightly sealed in a bottle. c. Aspirin yields carbon dioxide and water vapor when burned. d. Aspirin can be pressed into tablets when mixed with cornstarch. e. Aspirin reacts with water to produce salicylic acid and acetic acid. 2. Which best describes the size and shape of a sample of gas? a. Definite volume and definite shape. b. Definite volume, but shape is determined by the container. c. Volume determined by container, but definite shape. d. Volume and shape both determined by the container. e. Volume and shape cannot be described. 3. Barium sulfate is described as a white crystalline solid which melts at 1580 °C and decomposes at 1600 °C . At a temperature of 500 °C , you would expect a sample of barium sulfate to be a a. colorless liquid. b. white crystalline solid. c. yellow liquid. d. white cloud of vapor. e. form that cannot be determined. 4. Which of the following is a mixture? a. cough syrup b. iron c. helium d. sodium hydrogen carbonate e. steam 5. Which of the following can be classified as a pure compound? a. alcohol in water, C 2 H 5 OH in H 2 O b. sugar, C 12 H 22 O 11 c. carbon, C d. iodine, I 2 e. mercury, Hg 6. What is the chemical symbol for copper? a. C b. Ca c. Cl d. Cr e. Cu 7. What element is represented by the chemical symbol K? a. kaolin b. phosphorus c. potassium d. silver e. sodium 8. Which chemical symbol represents a metallic element? a. Ar b. Br c. Ca d. H e. P 9. Which example illustrates a form of potential energy? a. charged battery b. flying bird c. lighted match d. moving truck e. running water
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Page 2 of 25 10. When the prefix milli is used in the metric or SI system, a fundamental unit of measurement is multiplied by what factor? a. 10 -3 b. 10 -2 c. 10 -6 d. 10 3 e. 10 6 11. The measurement most likely to describe the amount of pain reliever in a headache tablet is a. 1.5 kg b. 500 mg c. 1.00 mL d. 325 mg/mL e. 0.25 L 12. Which of the following measurements has three significant figures? a. 1,207g b. 4.250g c. 0.006g d. 0.0250g e. 0.03750g 13. What is the numerical value of 1.2 x 1.222? Express your answer using the correct number of significant figures. a. 1.5 d. 1.4664 b. 1.47 e. None of the these. c. 1.466 14. In scientific notation, the number 185,000,000 is a. 185 x 10 6 d. 185 x 10 -8 b. 1.85 x 10 6 e. 1.85 x 10 -8 c. 1.85 x 10 8 15. In scientific notation, the number 0.0046 is expressed as a. 46 x 10 -3 d. 4.6 x 10 -1 b. 4.6 x 10 -3 e. 46 x 10 -1 c. 4.6 x 10 -2 16. The number 5.320 x 10 2 in conventional notation is a. 532.0 b. 53.20 c. 5.320 d. 0.5320 e. 0.005320 17. How many grams are contained in 1.20 pounds? a. 545g
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Chem305FinalReviewnuss - Chemistry 305 Final Exam Review...

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