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CHEMISTRY E-1b SYLLABUS SPRING 2012 INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Gregg Tucci Science Ctr. 114 Office Hours: Thursday evening immediately following lecture or by appointment. HEAD TEACHING FELLOW: Justin McCarty Office Hours: Friday evening immediately following review or by appointment. Contact Justin with any general administrative questions or with questions about sectioning and the section/lab assignments. HEAD LAB TEACHING FELLOW: Wenyi Dai Contact Wenyi with any questions about the laboratory or the laboratory schedule. LECTURES: Thursdays, 6–9pm, Science Center Lecture Hall B WEBSITE: REQUIRED COURSE MATERIALS: Students continuing from Chemistry E-1a should already have everything EXCEPT #3 below! 1. General Chemistry: The Essential Concepts , Raymond Chang Sold at the Harvard Coop. The Coop may have used, new, and rental textbooks available. They also have an electronic version available for purchase. An electronic copy (“eTextbook”) one-year rental is also available at: We will be using the 6 th edition, but any print edition or electronic version is fine. 2. PRS Device (Clicker) Sold at the Harvard Coop. 3. Chem E-1b General Chemistry Laboratory Manual This laboratory manual will NOT be available for purchase at Flashprint. Instead, individual laboratory experiments will be posted on the course website during the week prior to each lab. Students will need to print these out before coming to the lab. 4. Chem E-1a/b General Chemistry Practice Problems Sold at Flashprint (located at 99 Mt. Auburn St. in Harvard Square) Also available as a PDF file on the course website. 5. One pair of Safety Glasses Sold at the Harvard Coop 6. Approved Calculator See information in this syllabus about the calculator policy
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DISCUSSION SECTIONS AND LABS: Discussion sections are led by your Teaching Fellow (TF), and provide an opportunity for small- group instruction with a focus on practical problem solving. Labs will allow you to gain familiarity with laboratory techniques and apparatus, and for you to apply your classroom knowledge in an actual laboratory situation. Prior to each lab, students must read the lab experiment and complete the “Prelab”, which will be handed in to your TF as you enter the lab. If you happen to miss a lab , you must arrange with your TF or the Head Lab TF to attend another lab during the same week , or you will receive a zero. If you miss more than 1 lab during the semester, you will receive a failing grade for the entire course . In case of an unavoidable absence (illness, family emergency), you must notify your TF in a timely manner and provide a supporting document. During the first week of labs (Week 2 of the course, 2/4 – 2/8) the beginning of lab will include a
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