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Unformatted text preview: GLOSSARY OF MEDICAL TERMS PREFIXES a- without, lack of (atrophy: lack of growth) ab- away from (aberrant; away from the usual course) acro- extremity (acromegaly: large extremities) ad- to, toward, near to (adrenal; near the kidney) adeno- gland (adenitis: inflammation of a gland) an- without (anuria: suppression of urine) ante- before (antemortem: before death) anti- against (antitoxin: antagonistic to a toxin) arthro- joint (arthritis: inflammation of a joint) auto- self (autolysis: self- dissolution) bi- two, double (bifurcation; two branches) bio- life (biology: study of living things) brady- slow (bradycardia; slow heartbeat) cardia(o)- pertaining to the heart (cardiomegaly: enlargement of the heart) caud- the tail (caudal: posterior end) cephal(o)- the head (cephalic: the head or cranium) chol; chole- bile (cholecystitis: inflammation of the gallbladder) contra- against (contralateral; opposite side) cyan(o)- blue (cyanosis: blue color of the skin, lips, nail beds when blood is low in oxygen) cyst- bladder or sac or cysts (cystitis: inflammation of the bladder) de- away from, remove (dehydrate; remove water) dia- through (diarrhea: a flowing through) dys- difficult, bad (dysmenorrhea: difficult or painful menstruation) ec- out from (ectopic; out of place) en- in, into (encapsulated: enclosed in a capsule) endo- within (endometrium: lining of the uterus) entero- intestine (enteritis: inflammation of the intestine) epi- upon, outside (epidermis: outer layer of the true skin) ex(o)- out of (exostosis: bony growth from surface of bone) hem(o)- blood (hemoglobin: oxygen carrying protein of red blood cells) hemi- half (hemiplegia; paralysis of one side of the body) hetero- dissimilar (heterologous: made up of tissue not normal to the part) homeo- similar (homeostasis: stability of normal body states) hydro- water (hydrothorax: fluid in the pleural cavity) hyper- above, excessive (hyperacidity: excessive acidity) hypo- deficiency or beneath (hypoacidity: deficient acidity) hyster- uterus (hysterectomy: excision of the uterus) iatro(ic)- pertaining to medicine or physician (iatrogenic: disease caused by medical treatment) infra- below (infraorbital: beneath the orbit) P ATHOLOGY 3240A & G LOSSARY OF M EDICAL T ERMS inter - between (intercellular: between cells) intra- within (intracellular: within cells) juxta- near, close by (juxtaglomerular; near an adjoining glomerulus in the kidney) leuko- white (leukocyte: a white blood cell) macro- large (macrocyte: an abnormally large red blood cell) mal- bad (malnutrition: poor nutrition) mast- breast (mastitis: inflammation of the breast) mega- great , large (megacolon: enlargement of the colon)...
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