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Chemistry in the Atmosphere Chapter 17 is an application chapter in that it brings together many of the concepts covered previously and applies them to the chemistry of the atmosphere. Upon completion of this chapter, your students should be able to: 1. List and give the approximate composition by volume of the four most prominent gases in dry air and at sea level. 2. Name the four regions of the atmosphere in order, starting at ground level, and identify the major components of each. 3. Describe the ozone layer, its significance for life on earth, and discuss the importance of chlorofluorocarbons in its destruction. 4. Define the Montreal protocol and suggest its importance to the ozone layer. 5. Relate the significance of volcanoes to changes in weather patterns. 6. Identify the various parts of the carbon cycle. 7. Describe the greenhouse effect. 8. Explain how shape and polarity of carbon dioxide and water makes each of these molecules IR-active. 9. Cite examples of how the greenhouse effect and the industrial revolution contribute to global warming. 10. Discuss why unpolluted rain would be expected to have a pH less than seven. 11. List two sources of SO 2 . 12. Describe how SO 2 is converted to SO 3 in the atmosphere. 13. Write the chemical reaction that converts SO 3 to sulfuric acid. 14. On a map of the United States, locate where the rainfall would be expected to have the highest and lowest pH, and explain why. 15. Write the chemical formula for limestone and quicklime and describe how quicklime is used to reduce SO 2 emissions from smoke stacks. 16. Define “smog” and explain the importance of photochemical smog.
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Chapter_17IM - Chapter 17 Chemistry in the Atmosphere...

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