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ME3180: Sections A, RCC, and RPY Spring 2012 For Test #1, you may use a calculator (standard or programmable) and one (1) page (8.5 in. x 11 in., front and back) of notes, equations, and formulas. You may also bring a spare calculator or extra batteries for your calculator. The following material will be covered on Test #1 (Feb. 16, 2012): Load, stress, deflection, stiffness (Ch. 1- 4 in Shigley’s 9 th edition) Static Failure (Ch. 5 in Shigley’s 9 th edition) Fatigue Failure (Ch. 6 in Shigley’s 9 th edition) Surface Failure (material in Ch. 3 and 6 in Shigley’s 9 th edition) The following material from the Chapters and Appendix A of Shigley’s 9 th edition will be provided as necessary for the solution of test problems: Chapter 1: Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Design None. Chapter 2: Materials None. Chapter 3: Load and Stress Analysis
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Unformatted text preview: None. Chapter 4: Deflection and Stiffness None. Chapter 5: Failures Resulting from Static Loading Figures 5-25, 5-26, 5-27, 5-28, 5-29, and 5-30. Table 5-1: Values of K Ic for Some Engineering Materials at Room Temperature. Chapter 6: Fatigue Failure Resulting from Variable Loading Figure 6-18. Appendix A: Useful Tables Table A-5: Physical Constants of Materials Table A-6: Properties of Structural-Steel Equal Legs Angles Table A-7: Properties of Structural-Steel Channels Table A-8: Properties of Round Tubing Table A-9: Shear, Moment, and Deflection of Beams Table A-15: Charts of Theoretical Stress-Concentration Factors K t * Table A-16: Approximate Stress-Concentration Factor K t for Bending of A Round Bar or Tube with a Transverse Round Hole Tables A-18, A-20, A-21, A-22, A-24, A-29, A-30, A-31, A-32, A-33...
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