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ME3015 Fall 2011 PROBLEM SET #6 (25 points). Document as outlined in the course admin letter. Due: The beginning of Lesson 21 (November 7th). 1. (9 points: 5+4) (a) Find the natural frequencies for the system below where m1=1[kg], m2=1[kg], k=20 [N/m], a=1[m], L=3[m]. Assume a small angle of motion. (b) Sketch the modes of vibration. Show justification. (HINT: Consider the ratio between A and B) 2. (8 points) Consider the following spring-mass-damper system where m=1[kg], b=0.1[Ns/m], and k=10 [N/m]. (1) Find the transfer function ) ( / ) ( ) ( s U s X s G . Plot the bode diagram of ) ( s G using MATLAB. (Attach the MATLAB source code and a printout of the bode plot.) (2) Now you apply a sinusoidal input,
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