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ME3015 Fall 2011 PROBLEM SET #7 (25 points). Document as outlined in the course admin letter. Due: The beginning of Lesson 24 (November 16 th ). (1) (8 points) Obtain the unit-step response, x ( t ), of the following system. r 1 s x 2 10 s e (2) (8 points) Determine the value of k such that the damping ratio is 0.5. Using MATLAB, plot the unit-step response (attach your MATLAB code). Obtain the maximum overshoot
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Unformatted text preview: M p of this unit-step response. k 8 . 16 s s 1 ) ( s R ) ( s C (3) (9 points) Find the range of k such that the unity feedback system is stable. Use Routh-Hurwitz stability criteria. ) 5 )( 1 ( 1 ) ( s s s s s G...
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