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Conceptual questions

Conceptual questions - ECE3025 Summer 2011 Some potential...

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ECE3025, Summer 2011, Some potential conceptual questions July 29, 2011 1. Describe a situation that cannot be explained by circuit theory and requires electromagnetics. 2. A vector with only curved flux lines can have a non-zero divergence. True or False. 3. A vector field with only curved flux lines cannot be irrotational. True or False. 4. A metal shell 1 cm thick and with 10 cm inner diameter accumulates 1 nC of charge. What is the field strength 1 cm from the inner surface, but inside the empty shell? 5. What is the divergence of a magnetic field? 6. Explain qualitatively why the tangential portion of the electric field is zero near the surface of a metal. 7. Do simulations of semiconductor devices include code that simulates Poisson’s equation? 8. What is the electric field inside a metal that has no current flowing? 9. Two wires parallel to each other have current flowing in opposite directions. Do the wires attract each other, repel each other, or neither?
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