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Quiz 2 - V x,y,z = V xyz a Write an expression for the...

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ECE3025, Summer 2011, Quiz 2 June 1, 2011 1. (2 points) What does it mean for a vector field to be a conservative vector field? 2. (2 points) True or False: A dielectric inserted into a region containing an electrical field does not change the electric flux density but does change the electric field. 3. (2 points) Derive LaPlace’s equation from the point form of Gauss’ Law and the equation that relates the electric field to the voltage. 4. (2 points) Why is the use of Poissons equation important in simulating semiconductor devices? 5. (9 points) Consider a region where the voltage can be described by
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Unformatted text preview: V ( x,y,z ) = V xyz . a) Write an expression for the vector electric field. b) Show whether or not this electric field is possible (i.e. does it satisfy the laws we have discussed in class?). c) If one moves a 1 μ C charge at the point (1 , 3 , 8) in the above electric field around a circle of radius 10 meters until it is back at the point (1 , 3 , 8), how much work is done on the small charge? 6. (8 points) A point charge of 1 C is at the origin. Find the voltage difference between points with cartesian coordinates (1 , 1 , 1) meters and (1 , 2 , 3) meters. 1...
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