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ECE3025, Summer 2011, Quiz 3 June 9, 2011 1. (3 points) Describe the standard procedure to find the capacitance across two conductors in a specific geometry. 2. (4 points) A parallel plate capacitor uses a material that will undergo dielectric breakdown at field strengths of 1 MV / m. When the electric field is this strong, the dielectric begins to pass current through it. If the parallel plates have area 1 m 2 , and the relative permittivity of the dielectric is 3, how much energy can be stored in the electric field of this capacitor when the electric field is no more than half of the dielectric breakdown field strength. 3. (18 points) Consider a thin wire in the shape of the circle having radius
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Unformatted text preview: a , with the center of the circle at the origin. “Thin” means that it can be treated as if it had line charge density ρ l and the radius of the wire can be treated as if it were 0. A charge Q is placed on the wire. a) Derive the voltage and the electric field on the z-axis ( x = 0 ,y = 0). above the wire. b) Find the voltage and electric field on the z-axis ( x = 0 ,y = 0) if the wire is replaced with a thin metallic disk of radius a and the same charge is placed on it. c) Does the disk produce a larger electric field at (0 , ,z ) than the wire? 1...
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