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Quiz 6 - 4(2 points For a plane wave what is the...

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ECE3025, Summer 2011, Quiz 6 June 30, 2011 1. (2 points) Is the skin depth smaller for waves with frequency of 10 GHz or with frequency of 1 GHz? 2. (6 points) Use the point form of Ohms Law and the Ampere-Maxwell Law to derive the real and imag- inary relative permittivity of a material. 3. (2 points) Where does electromagnetic energy go when it is absorbed by a material?
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Unformatted text preview: 4. (2 points) For a plane wave, what is the relationship between the direction of propagation, the direction of the electric field, and the direction of the magnetic field? 5. (13 points) Given that-→ E = ˆ j cos (10 πx ) sin (6 π × 10 9 t-βz )) in empty space, find-→ H and β . 1...
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