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Garber & Skinner 2008

Garber & Skinner 2008 - Garber Skinner(2008 Is the...

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Garber & Skinner (2008) Is the US health care system productively inefficient? o Compared to other countries, do we get less health for a given bundle of inputs (physicians, nurses, hospital beds)? o Saw from Wolfe (1986) that cross-country comparisons of expenditures and health outcomes are confounded by differences across countries in underlying health and lifestyle Is the US health care system allocatively efficient? o Do health benefits from marginal dollar spent on health care exceed the opportunity cost of other goods that might be provided? o Every country will have some allocative inefficiency but are we worse than other countries? A, E, C, B are productively efficient – whether they are allocatively efficient depends on whether at the margin, the same expenditure on non-medical goods would lead to greater welfare gains We may observe, for example, that UK spends less but has better outcomes than US o
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