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Lecture Outline November 29, December 1 and December 6 Hospitals Outline for Hospitals unit Terms Introduced: residual claimant median voter model Reading: Text, Chapter 13 (pp.258-269) Text, Chapter 20 (pp.413-424) 1. Why are not-for-profit firms so prevalent in the health sector? a. Median Voter Model (Text, p.261) 2. Models of Not-for-Profit Hospital Behavior: a. Quantity Maximization
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Unformatted text preview: b. Utility Maximization i. Quantity/Quality Maximization (Text, p.265) ii. Managerial Expense Preference Model (time permitting) c. Physician Control Models i. Pauly/Redisch Model (Text, p.268) 3. Policy Issues Related to Hospitals a. Medicare Prospective Payment System (Text, p. 413-424) b. Policy issues related to hospital quality (Luft, Goldman & Romley articles)...
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