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Lecture Outline 12.06.11

Lecture Outline 12.06.11 - differently in some cases...

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Lecture Outline December 6 Medicare and Medicaid: Economic Issues Basic components of each program Medicaid crowd-out How Medicare pays physicians Final Exam 1. 12/16 (Friday) 8-10 AM in our classroom (HU 129) 2. Use the study guide to prepare for the exam – exam questions will be worded
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Unformatted text preview: differently in some cases . Most (not all) content comes from study guide. 3. Office hours a. Normal office hours schedule (MW 2-3:30, Tu 2:45-3:30) b. Extra office hours i. Thursday (12/8 and 12/15), 2:30-3:30 ii. Friday (12/9), 2:30-3:30...
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