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ars 102 syllabus - Arizona State University Art from the...

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Arizona State University Art from the Renaissance to the Present- ARS 102 Class # 76035 Fall 2011 Syllabus—August 15, 2011 Neeb Hall 105 Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 to 10:15 am Instructor: Mr. Rudy Navarro [email protected] I respond to emails twice a day, around 1:00 pm and sometime after 6:00 pm. If you are sending me a time sensitive email please keep in mind when you can expect me to check my email. I will frequently communicate with the class via the Blackboard on-line course management system. If you have multiple email accounts, please make sure to regularly check your Arizona State University account or have your University email forwarded to the account you most frequently use. Office: Art building, room 212 Office hours: Friday: 10:30 am to 12:30 pm Teaching assistant Ms. Shiloh Blair [email protected] Office: ART 257 Office hours: Tuesday and Thursday, 10:30-11:30 Required text and readin gs: Fred S. Kleiner, Gardner’s Art Through the Ages: The Western Perspective , Volume II, 13 th edition: ISBN 0495573647. The book is available at the Student Book Center, 704 College Avenue, 480.966.6226. The list price of the book is approximately $160.00, but on-line bookstores sell if for less and I think the Student Book Center also discounts the list price. If you buy on-line, please make sure to purchase the correct volume and edition—there are lots of versions floating around. A copy of the textbook is also on two hour reserve in Hayden library. There is also an option for purchasing an electronic version of the text. The electronic version is approximately $80 and you can access the textbook on-line for one year. The direct link is: . If the link does not 1
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work, the product website is . Please note that purchasing a new book or electronic version gives you access to on-line study aides. While I will not be making the use of the study aides mandatory, you may find them useful. There may also be required readings not found in the textbook. These can be found on the Blackboard course Web site and are so noted in the schedule of lectures and readings that follows. Course Description and Goals: This course is an introduction to the art and artistic culture of the western modern period, from roughly the fourteenth century to the present. I assume that you will have little or no knowledge of the art of this period and that you will have limited experience in looking at and evaluating works of art. I will teach the course chronologically, closely tracking the chapter outline of the required text. Through readings, lectures, audio-visual media, class discussion, and in-class activities you can expect to become familiar with the major art historical periods and exemplary artists and artworks of those periods. We will spend time analyzing artwork using stylistic characteristics and cultural and historical contexts and learn how to use course material to
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ars 102 syllabus - Arizona State University Art from the...

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