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Chapter 24 (pp. 716-729 and Blackboard reading) reading homework 1. The readings for next Tuesday address a wide variety of artistic movements and practices. In at least four sentences explain which movement or practice you think seems most relevant to today. Use an artwork from that movement or practice to illustrate your point. 2. The reading on Blackboard is another manifesto by the leader of the Surrealist movement, Andre Breton. In at least four sentences, discuss something you found interesting in Breton's writing. Include at least one concept or quote from Breton's essay to illustrate your point. 1. I’m gonna have to say that sculpture and photography are most relevant to today. Photography is used everywhere in everyday life, online, in the news,
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Unformatted text preview: advertisements, on TV. Migrant Mother by Dorothea Lange is an example of this. The image captured the moment of a worried but strong woman in such a way that is describable without words and capturing. 2. The putrefied donkey caught my attention. Dali was experimenting with the mixture of dream and reality, the condemned places of the human mind, the omnipotence of desire: surrealism. In surrealism there are multiple image occupying our attention. It was disturbing that he could make others believe in the reality of his impressions. “[The] cruel putrefication of the donkey can be considered as the hard and blinding flash of new gems.” What does that even mean? Exactly. Paranoia: Delirium of interpretation bearing a systematic structure....
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