Cronkscholarapp - Academically I differ from The Cronkite School Instead of the political ideology that The Cronkite School focuses its classes

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Academically, I differ from The Cronkite School. Instead of the political ideology that The Cronkite School focuses it’s classes around, I am interested in the entertainment side of broadcast journalism. I am returning to Cronkite after a year of examining other majors as a career choice. I am returning with the anticipation of making a difference at Cronkite. I hope to leave my name with Cronkite as I establish clubs and classes that offer what currently Cronkite does not. Jake Stein accomplished this when he successfully started a photojournalism club and incorporated his club into the school curriculum with professors allowing him creativity to accomplish their assignments in his own way. I hope to accomplish the same thing in establishing and leading an entertainment journalism club, which, optimistically, will be integrated, into the Cronkite News Service. It has come to my attention that with so many students in attendance, ASU supports students create their own path. Professionally, I plan on working in the
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