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second exam image list

second exam image list - Second exam image list 1 Matthias...

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Second exam image list 1 . Matthias Grünewald, Isenheim Altarpiece , 1510- 1515 Focus on world—context of the work is bound up with the specifics of its setting in a hospital o You go to hospitals to die; gruesome painting o Opened, Jesus loses an arm, two legs; amputation Sun burns off clothes to show angelic Jesus o Physical illness= manifestation of spiritual illness 2 . Albrecht Dürer, A Small House in the Middle of the Pond , 1495 o Incidental detail o Italian influence—scientific study of landscape 3 . Quinten Massys, Money-Changer and His Wife , 1514. o New genre of still life, maybe portrait o Incidental detail—“stuff” on table and shelves” o Immediacy- very human like glance of wife, acting hands 1. Immediacy: The subjects are not posed, they are involved in their work of counting the money, eyes both fixed on one coin. She is in the middle of turning one page in her book. His fingers are curved around the coin unnaturally. (weighing coin to make sure there are no shavings) 2. Incidental detail: The table is full of trinkets as well as the bookshelf behind them. The woman is supposed to be reading her book of prayers, but she is more interested in the money. 3. New genre: Objects- Coins, cups, books, a mirror, an apple, the virgin and Jesus in her book, a person in the mirror on the table. Just there, no
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meaning to objects. 4 . Gianlorenzo Bernini, Ecstasy of Saint Teresa , 1645- 1652 O Pathos—ecstasy: physical pain with spiritual well being o Depicts dynamic moment in St. Theresa’s experience Emotion, cultural belief you can display what’s going on inside: on your face, constant shift of emotion on face 5 . Gianlorenzo Bernini, St. Peter’s Piazza , 1656-1667 o Movement – sweeping gesture of colonnades, dynamism of oval and trapezoid o Theatricality and spectacle- colonnades embrace the viewer 6 . Caravaggio, Conversion of St. Paul , 1601 O Movement, action, change Falling off horse Moment of transformation Center of composition is empty o Pathos, emotion, and high drama Upraised arms Blinding light
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