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Test Two Study Guide 2011 - COMMUNICATION 100 Spring 2011...

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COMMUNICATION 100 Spring 2011 Examination Two Study Guide General Information The examination is not comprehensive. It will be based on material from Chapter Five, Six, Seven and Eight. One question is true/false, the rest are multiple choice. You will be asked to read each item carefully and mark the best answer. Bring a #2 pencil. Mark your answer on the answer sheet using a #2 pencil. You may write on the exam, but your answers must be on the answer sheet. Like the first exam, there will be an emphasis on definitions and a secondary emphasis on applications. Which terms should you focus on? Start with the words in the bold font in the margins of the textbook. Then, focus on the words in the textbook narrative that are in bold font. The lectures extracted the information we considered most important. The lectures are an excellent guide, but this is not to say that the exam will not have questions based on material from the book that were not in the lectures. Questions The questions below are simply guides to help you think about the material that will be on the second exam. What are the functions of language? p.107 Instrumental: using language to obtain something o invite friends to dinner Regulatory: to control or regulate the behavior of others o Ask friends to bring bottle of wine imaginative: use of language to express ones self creatively or artistically o poetry o drama
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Heuristic: to acquire knowledge or understanding through communication o Listening to lectures Informative: using language to communicate information or report facts o Its hot outside What do terms such as heuristic, semantics, pragmatics, syntax, and phonology mean? P.109
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Test Two Study Guide 2011 - COMMUNICATION 100 Spring 2011...

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