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anthro final - SEX: marriage- a culturally sanctioned union...

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SEX: marriage- a culturally sanctioned union between 2 or more people that establishes certain rights and obligations between and their children, and between them and their in-laws. Incest taboo- the prohibition of sexual contact between specified individuals, usually parent and child and sibling relations at a minimum. Endogamy- marriage within a particular group or category of individuals. Exogamy- marriage outside the group. Monogamy- marriage in which both partners have just one spouse. Serial monogamy- a marriage form in which a man or a woman marries or lives with a series of partners in succession. Polygamy- one individual having multiple spouses at the same time. Polygyny- marriage of a man to two or more women at the same time; a form of polygamy. Polyandry- marriage of a women to two or more men at one time; a form of polygamy. Group marriage- marriage in which several men and women have sexual access to one another (co-marriage). Parallel cousin- child of a father’s brother or a mother’s sister. Cross cousin- child of a mother’s brother or a father’s sister. Bride-price- money or valuable good paid by the groom or his family to the bride’s family upon marriage (bride wealth). Bride service- a designated period of time when the groom works for the bride’s family. Dowry- payment of a women’s inheritance at the time of her marriage, either to her or to her husband. Family- two or more people related by blood, marriage, or adoption. Household- the basic residential unit where economic production, consumption, inheritance, child rearing, and shelter are organized and carried out. Conjugal family- a family established through marriage. Consanguineal family- a family of “blood relatives” consisting or related women, their brothers, and the women’s offspring. Nuclear family- a group consisting of one or two parents and dependent offspring, which may include a stepparent, stepsiblings, and adopted children. Extended family- two or more closely related nuclear family clustered together into a large domestic group. Patrilocal residence- a residence pattern in which a married couple lives in the husband’s father’s place of residence. Matrilocal residence- a residence pattern in which married couple lives in the wife’s mother’s place of residence. Neolocal residence- a pattern in which a married couple establishes its household in a location apart from either the husband’s or the wife’s relative. SUBSITENCE: Ecosystem-a system, or a functioning whole, composed of both the natural environment and all the organisms living within it. Cultural evolution- culture changes over time (not to be confused with progress). Progress- the ethnocentric notion that humans are moving forward to a higher more advanced stage in their development toward perfection. Convergent evolution- in cultural evolution, the development of similar cultural adaptations to similar environmental conditions by different peoples with different ancestral cultures. Parallel
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anthro final - SEX: marriage- a culturally sanctioned union...

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