sociology final - Culture: Values- the values in the...

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Culture: Values- the values in the communities of Lake Forest and Lake Bluff are a little different than in other communities. o People desire to be the highest on the food chain: the most popular, prettiest, biggest house, have the most amount of money, the list goes on. In some communities, teens wish to stay away from gangs or to graduate high school while teens here focus on who has the most expensive car. o Some teens are using their resources (their parents) and putting them to good use, such as community service or starting a fundraiser, things like that. Although these teens are making an impact, more teens can get involved and not only help put their own community but also surrounding or even communities over seas. o SUGGESTION : The students of the High School and the people of LF and LB can get together to lower their values and focus on what is the core and purpose of life, happiness (said by the Dali Lama). They can spread their wealth to surrounding communities and reach out together to bring the competition down of who is wealthier and bring the citizens LF and LB together and accomplish something to really be proud of. Norms - (rules and expectations by which a community guides its members). There are two things going on in the community of LF and LB that are interesting about their expectations that parents put on their children academically. The community sets expectations of their children and students at very high rates causing a lot of stress and disappointment from both the child and the parent. The other interesting expectation that occurs in the classroom is that there sometimes
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sociology final - Culture: Values- the values in the...

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